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Nigeria,other i Yasni Exposé av Lars Soeftestad

(16288 siden 26.10.2008)



Lars Soeftestad, CEO @ Supras Consult, Kristiansand

Hjemmeside: supras.biz
Navn ved fødselen: Lars Soeftestad, kallenavn: nuppas, Land: Norge, Språk: Engelsk
Jeg tilbyr: Bangladesh, Botswana, Bulgaria, Cameroon, capacity building, CBNRM, Central African Republic, Chad, coastal zone management, co-management, common property, commons, community-based, conflict management, culture, development aid, ecotourism, equity, Ethiopia, ethnicity, executive, fly-fishing, Ghana, GIS, GLG News, governance, hiking, ICT, ICT4D, India, indigenous peoples, information and communication technology, institutional analysis, institutions, international, knowledge management, legal reform, Mauritania, minorities, mountains, national parks, natural resource management, Nepal, networking, networks, NGOs, Niger, Nigeria, Norway, participation, pastoralism, people, poverty, rangeland management, renewable energy, rights, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, social analysis, social assessment, social risk management, Sri Lanka, stakeholder analysis, strategic communication, transboundary conservation, transboundary protected areas, transparency, twinning, Vietnam, Yemen.
Lars Soeftestad @ Supras Consult, Kristiansand

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Lars Soeftestad @ Kristiansand
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Lars Soeftestad @ Kristiansand
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Lars Soeftestad @ Kristiansand
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Lars Soeftestad @ Kristiansand
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Lars Soeftestad @ Kristiansand
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Lars Soeftestad @ Kristiansand
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Lars Soeftestad @ Kristiansand
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Lars Soeftestad @ Kristiansand
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Lars Soeftestad @ Kristiansand
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Lars Soeftestad's Profile - Tracked.com

Lars Soeftestad is using Tracked to track and share business information with friends and co-workers. You can join Lars and many others today... Signup ...
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EOLSS - Human Resource System Challenge...

Akeredolu-Ale Dayo, Center for Social Policy, University of Ibadan, Nigeria ... Lars T. Soeftestad, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Zurich, Switzerland ...
eolss.net 02.05.10  +  

Traditional knowledge and sustainable development ...

While some were instrumental in formulating its goals and content, others provided useful suggestions and ... Osterwoldt, Mario Ramos, Lars Soeftestad, Bachir Souhlal, Andrew ...
nzdl.sadl.uleth.ca 16.03.10  +  

greenstone.org/greenstone3/nzdl?a=d&c=hd l&...

Still others graciously agreed to moderate panels and share their insights on the issues discussed. ... Osterwoldt, Mario Ramos, Lars Soeftestad, Bachir Souhlal, Andrew ...
greenstone.org 07.01.10  +  

Lars Soeftestad's Public Profile

Plaxo helps members like Lars Soeftestad keep in touch with the people who really matter, helping them to connect, keep each other's contact data up ...
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tvitre.no - Social media

S&oslah;k etter norske twitterbrukere ... Anders Aalbu. Oslo, Norway. 476. Just another journalist (NRK), but also a social entrepreneur, Most tweets are ...
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Ueber / about Bangladesh

Seit eine Woche arbeite ich im Bangladesh, d.H. meistens in Dhaka. Wohne in Pan Pacific Sonargaon, fuenf oder eben sechs Stars, absolute Luxus, weil gerade ausserhalb den Mauer gibt es slums. Sonst, Ich evaluere eine grosse CARE Projekt die mit "food security" arbeiten, bin Team Leiter fuer ueber 20 Leute - d.H meistens administration und management. Zurueck nach Hause est Ende Oktober (wie gesagt, hier geht es um eine sehr grosse Projekt) Am working in Bangladesh since one week, so far located in Dhaka. I live in Pan Pacific Sonargaon, the top hotel in town, where staff do whatever it takes to please their guests. The contrast to across the huge fence could not have been bigger: a large slum. Otherwise, I evaluate a large CARE project on food security, I am Team Leader for over 20 people, and most of the time is used on management and such boring stuff. Back in Norway only at the end of Octob er (I did mention that this is a very large project).
Lars Soeftestad @ Kristiansand
yasni 28.08.09  +  

Lars Soeftestad - Business Networking on Ecademy

Ecademy's cause is 'to build the world's largest Trusted Business Network by connecting people to each other - enabling knowledge, contacts and ...
beyond.ecademy.com 15.08.09  +  

EOLSS - Human Resource System Challenge IV: Poverty - Related Chapters

Concepts and Measurements of Poverty. ------. Concepts of Poverty. Akeredolu-Ale Dayo, Center for Social Policy, University of Ibadan, Nigeria ...
eolss.net 06.08.09  +  


Comprehensive coverage of news, events, discussions, papers, articles and other links related to the innovative use of information and communication ...
tbilisi.topics.developmentgateway.org 05.07.09  +  

World Bank Document

2 LCR Sustainable Development Working Paper No. 15 Soeftestad 1995). Other concepts, such as social capital, culture in sustainable development, social exclusion, and ...
canafro.iglooprojects.org 24.06.09  +  

All Consuming

Search other product lines: Books | Music | Movies | Food & Drinks | Other. Other results ... Lars Soeftestad. Lars. FAQ | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | | Robot Co ...
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Ugyldig URL: www.dlist-benguela.org/mailgust/viewtopi c.php?t=446

Experience in other coastal countries has shown that this industry ... From: Lars Soeftestad. At: 11.11.2004 00:00. Subject: Stakeholders, data and processes ...
dlist-benguela.org 18.05.09  +  

Rapporteur Report on Session 2.1.2:

partnership with governments and other social actors (Co-Managed Protected ... Rapporteurs: Pippa Heylings and Lars Soeftestad. The Rapporteur Report for this session ...
earthlore.ca 18.05.09  +  

17. May and European Song Context

Today, 17. May, is the Norwegian Day of Independence, commemorating that our Constitution was signed on this day in 1814. This day is a very special occasion in Norway, and also internationally. The flag plays a very special role, which differs from how it is used elsewhere. Also, children plays a key role. In fact, the whole population is involved, in one way or another, throughout the various national and local activities. Seach Youtube for "17. mai" or "17 mai". Also today, we celebrate that Norway won the International Song Contest in Moscow with the song "Fairytale" late last night. The song was written, composed and performed by Alexander Rybak (yes, the name is not Norwegian, he was born in Minsk, and came to Norway as a small child). Search Youtube for "fairytale alexander".
Lars Soeftestad @ Kristiansand
yasni 17.05.09  +  

Re: One site -- different licenses: msg#00052 org.creativecommons ...

>Or is there another simpler and - more effective way? - - Regards, Lars Soeftestad - Kristiansand, Norway - - >----- - - ...
osdir.com 24.03.09  +  

Re: One site -- different licenses: msg#00053 org.creativecommons ...

>Or is there another simpler and - - more effective way? - - - - Regards, Lars Soeftestad - - Kristiansand, Norway - - - - - ...
osdir.com 15.03.09  +  

Cbnrm.net is Community-Based Natural Resource Mgmt. Network ...

Contacts, directions, and other detailed information about Cbnrm.net and its competitors. ... "Coordinator": Lars Soeftestad. " Cell": +47 908 23 006. "Telephone": +47 380 44 655. ...
aboutus.org 15.03.09  +  

Ugyldig URL: creativecommons.licenses (date)

Or is there another simpler and - - more effective way? - - - - Regards, Lars Soeftestad - - Kristiansand, Norway - - - - - ...
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Rock Radio created by Lars Soeftestad - Pandora Internet Radio

created by: Lars Soeftestad. August 30, 2006. Artist Seeds. Add another artist seed: There are no artists in this station definition. sort by: Artist | Date ...
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Lars Soeftestad @ Supras Consult, Kristiansand

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